testike posted 121 months ago

I traded my LG CG300 for this junkie razr V3 phone, it is the WORST phone that i have ever had. I have had 8 pink razr phones in 3 months and they have all had the same problem, the ONLY good thing about these junkie phones is the thin design and the color.... I will "NEVER" buy a Motorola phone ever again, its about like the V557 that i had before the LG "JUNK"!!!!!!


Alot of dropped calls and i have service that is supposed to have the fewest dropped call "yeah right" not with the razr! turns off by its-self, sometimes doesn't ring at all, interferes with computers and stereos, after charging battery the phone indicates that its not fully charged, Better hope you don't drop this phone cause the battery backing will pop off and you will have a hunk gone off your phone and paint scratched off aluminum covering even if you have a leather case.....