Motorola RAZR V3xx or Sync for the Cingular/AT&T network?

Question asked by tipsu21
I was thinking of getting either of these two phones because I am due for a phone upgrade in July. I live in a rural town (Shippensburg, PA) so I would like to know what phone has the least amount of dropped calls and best reception. What is this 3g thing? Do I need a new SIM card or anything? I also dont see the LG CU500 on their site anymore, would that be a good choice instead? Out of those two or three phones what would be the best value for the money? I just make calls and do a lot of texting. I dont really need music, internet, or videos. Thanks for your help.

Answered by testike
The LG is your best bet. Get it at a Cingular store or Radio Shack. I sell those phones (and have been for years) and I have gotten a lot of returns on the samsung and the motorola, but none on the LG

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