honracer2 posted 112 months ago
love the phone
gets 5 bars everywhere

testike posted 119 months ago

I got this phone at no contract price at walmart for 249. Let me say, its the best 249 i have spent ever! If you like RAZR style phones, this is the phone for you, but its supercharged.

Sleek Design
Awesome new menu icons and layout
Fast Processor
Amazing Display, upgraded from 176x220 to 240x320 QVGA.
Camera is fast, you don't have to hold it and wait for it to take a pic to avoid blurry shots. Takes them fast and easy. Video is just as good.
3G videos are great quality and fast.
Browsing is super fast.
Easy to upload your own files.
signal is great (south Florida market)
call quality is great

No USB cable in box. (didn't lower the rating, cuz i already have one)

No memory card ( again, didn't lower the rating cuz i already had one)

just an all around great phone with many many features and things to do. if razr fans are looking for an upgrade, this is their choice. and do sign up for cingular video, it really is great and it beats verizon and sprint because most of their content is included.