Why Is The Motorola v8 RAZR 2, Such a Great Phone?

Question asked by tipsu21
Is it because it has an 8+ HR expected talk time?
Or its 11+ days of standby time?
or maybe because Motorola has offered at&t to sell its phone, before it did so before Verizon?
or maybe its because it has touch screen buttons, on the outer display..
or maybe its because Motorola's on going progress to give the people great american made phones, ... you tell me what you thing about the new RAZR 2 preferbly the v8...
hit me bact, tell me what you think, its expected to be releases arround, late august early september...

Answered by testike
The V8 is only going to be availble to T-Mobile if you're buying it from a carrier. You can get it unlocked, but you'll have to pay about $400-$500 for it. AT&T will get the V9, which will have the same old Motorola OS, buggy and slow as it is. But it will have 3G. The V8 will have 2 GB of internal memory, but unupgradeable. The V8 will have the new and improved Linux OS on the phone. Personally, I don't want another Motorola phone after the Razr. It's pretty hard to explain in words how bad this phone is. My next phone will most likely be a Nokia with 3G. On T-Mobile.

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