testike posted 120 months ago

I think this is one of those "you get it...or you don't" phones. The operating system is unlike other Motorolas that appear to be similar, but it's every bit as fast with the menus as my Razr2 V9 and it's more easily customisable naturally. However, the operating system does *not* lend itself well to other than normal modifications because the operating system simply does not work the way that the Synergy-type systems of other Motos works.

It's slimmer than the V9 owing to the single quad GSM radio, but it's every bit as good (or better) with RF signal capture. It just works, almost regardless of the situation.

Mine is the "Luxury Edition"...seems silly but I just had to give it a try. Looks great, understated, elegant, and without being too glitzy.

Internal 2GB memory is perfect for most users. The menus are well thought out and seem to offer what most users would want in the way of customisations. Email client activated by default, and works quickly and well with GMail and AOL.

Crystal Talk works very well in almost all situations. Adequate volume, good speaker.

I have nothing bad to say! If you rely on a phone, this is a very good choice, even if it is a little too expensive for most people to consider.