How do I unlock my Motorola ROKR E1?

Question asked by tipsu21
Just bought a ROKR off of EBAY, seller said it was unlocked, needless to say it wasn't. It is locked to Cingular, I have T-mobile.... Any idesa??

Answered by testike
You are going to need to either send it to a company who professionally unlocks phones, something which is not usually a good idea unless you know the organization, or unlock it yourself.

Along with phones, you can also find unlocking cables and codes on eBay. It is important that you find the one that matches your phone. You would then connect the phone to your computer and via the internet reach a company's servers where you would then unlock the phone. Generally the codes are one-time use.

On average an unlocking kit is around $20.

If I were you, I would send the phone back and get your money back for misrepresenting the product, or would simply refuse to pay for it. If you used a Credit Card, this is a good time for the company to step in and help you out.

Either way, good luck.
Answered by helenrai
Hi you can easily unlock your motorola rokr e1 by using unlock code. If you need unlock code visit this site here you can get the unlock code and unlock your motorola rokr e1 easily

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