I have a motorola Rokr E1 and i have downloaded ringtones. Can't Find them!!! Where do ringtones go?

Question asked by tipsu21
downloaded ring tones directly from cingulars website which i accessed from my phone. I cannot find the ringtones.
Then when i try to do anything, it says memory full but I don't know how to delete anything from the memory anyhow.
can i take one of my iTunes songs and make it a ringtone?

Answered by testike
when i used to buy ringtones, they come in as a special message in a different inbox, not the normal text message one.

But you don't have to buy ringtones if you make them yourself for free from the site


its a site that lets you upload any mp3 file and convert it into a ringtone for free. Then they send it to you in a text message.

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