motorola rokr e1 problem?

Question asked by tipsu21
hi everyone, i´m trying to change my celphone service provider, but whenever i try to put the other simcard my phone asks me for the subsidy code, anyone can tell me what this is and where i can figure out how to get it, for free, or is it expensive, i´m sick of my service provider that is why i´m changing,
i went to check in my country and it will cost me $45 and they should keep the phone for two days, what can i do

Answered by testike
Your service provider needs to provide that to you. Call them and they should give it to you and release the phone as you are no longer with them. Once you have done that, and it is unlocked - put in your sim and call your new carrier. They will provide you with the settings you need to use their service (such as mms, apps, etc)

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