Motorola E1 Rokr screen replacement?

Question asked by tipsu21
My E1 Rokr screen broke a while ago. It starts fine but after a while the entire screen goes all white and you can barely see anything at all. I wanted to buy a replacement screen from ebay, does anyone know how to replace the screen or know if its hard to do. Ive been looking for a guide for a while but i cant seem to find anything. a link or some help or advice would be appreciated.
i did get a new phone an ericsson K790 and i love it but i dont wanna keep it on me all the time so i want to have my e1 as my "beater" phone

Answered by testike
Suggestion: Get a new phone, I loved the ROKR when I had it, but you've had it for a little too long ;D
Another suggestion: Send it in to Motorola, they will send you a bill, but they'll probably fix it.

P.S. Do it soon because the phone portion of Motorola may go out of business very soon; they're quitting.

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