Why won't my motorola v171 cell phone come on?

Question asked by tipsu21
I recently got this phone and I charged it for the first time. The screen says charge complete but the phone will not come on.

Answered by testike
go to the dealer store and ask if they can let u test the same phone but diff. of coarse, with the batt and if not it then try the other phones batt in ur phone or even better see if a friend has the same phone. in some cases it could just be a manf. defect which is not uncommon. It is more common then you think, anything that is mass produced holds a greater risk, but with every cell phone company you have what is known as a buyers remorse period(usually 14 from the day of purchase) u must have the orig. box and all the contents that came in the box, and the receipt also return it to the same store that u bought phone from(b/c of their inventory

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