can someone help me with a problem involving motorola phone tools and my motorola v190?

Question asked by tipsu21
When i connect my motorola v190 to my computer and use phonetools everthing seems to work but the melody studio. When i melody files > my pc and click on a mp3 or and .wav file it says "Mp3 codec not detected". I dont know what to do, can someone fix this for me?
ok, i already have windows media player 10 installed so i downloaded windows media player 11 and it still gets the error.

Answered by testike
Upgrade your windows media player to 10. You are probably running wmp version 7. That is why you are getting that error. Upgrade your media player version here:

After that try it again. It will add in the code line you need. You should be fine :-)

Ok, this is annoying, it isn't displaying the hyperlink GRR! Smash this together: www . microsoft . com / windowsmediaplayer

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