Unlock code for the motorola V190?

Question asked by tipsu21
The phone is locked, it's saying contact my service provider, but I'd have to pay about 40 dollars for them to unlock it and that just doesn't seem fair when I know that there are codes that can be used (i've used them before). The problem is that i've tried this code #*6*#12* and it didn't go through. I'm wondering if there's another I can try. Please help.
Unlock the phone for another service provider.
And 0000 was the first thing we tried. It didn't work...sadly.

Answered by helenrai
If need unlock code you can visit this site OnlineGsmunlock.com get the unlock code and unlock your motorolav190. To get the code you need to specify which country is locked now,network provider and imei number.
Answered by testike
when you say locked, do you mean like when you put in your password to the lock the phone, or are you trying to unlock the phone to use on other cell phone providers.?

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