Unlock TMobile Motorola V300?

Question asked by tipsu21
Anyone know how to unlock a Motorola V300 and set it up to use for Cingular? My current phone has a weak signal and Cingular is going to charge me $40 to reprogram it..

I've posted this before but yahoo deleted the question. Don't understand why since the goverment has made this ok to do now.
I already have an account at Cingular and am not able to get a new phone for 8 months. I already asked Cingular to reprogram it and they want to charge $40
Don't have TMobile so that won't work. I dropped TMobile because they lied, I bought a phone for my girlfriend who was out of state and put her on my plan. They said it wouldn't be roaming charges(even gave her the address she was at) and then they charged me roaming, plus I had the additional phone & line I didn't have any use for

Answered by testike
If there is a Wireless Toyz store around you the will beable to unlock it for you for about $25.00 Go to www.wirelesstoyz.com
and see if there is a location near you good luck

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