Motorola V365 cell phone Bluetooth problems... Please help me understand what's wrong.?

Question asked by tipsu21
I just bought a brand new Motorola V365 from my wireless carrier. I have been getting ringtones via Bluetooth from my friends. Everything has worked fine. Today I tried linking to my friends phone to send her a few of the ringtones via Bluetooth but my phone doesn't find her phone. I tried with 4 other people and the same results. My Bluetooth is on and so is there's. They can connect to my phone and send via Bluetooth with no problem. Is my phone a dud? Should I request for a new one? Or is my phone even capable of connecting to anybody else's??? Please help. I appreciate any help in advance.....

Answered by testike
first go into your bluetooth and get into the setup or options. your phone may not be discoverable to others eventhough they connected to you also a good way to reset it totally just incase it locked up is to turn off the bluetooth totally disable it and turn the phone all the way off take sim out if available for 10 sec put all back in and turn back on . restart and urn on bluetooth and try to search again. also its good to make a unique name for yor device to see it on the other phone trying to connect. hope that helps

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