Help with my Motorola V365?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have a motorola V365(push to talk), and i have a 1G memory card in it. i want to put music on it from my computer(not ringtones, just MP3 musicto listen to). I'm trying to use a usb cable to transfer music, but it want let me because i don't have the driver software. Does any one no how i can transfer music???

I don't have bluetooth on my computer, so i can't transfer music via bluethooth.


Answered by testike
Get a memory card reader, and plug it into your computer and send mp3's to your memory card. then put the card back into your phone and it should recognize them.
Also if it has a file on the card that says music, put the mp3's there. Also check out several formats, because your phone may not support mp3's, it may be wma's.

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