Can I buy a pay per use SIM card that will work in my Cingular Motorola V557 in Europe? (France, Germany....)?

Question asked by tipsu21
It works on GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Networks. I'll be traveling to France, Germany, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Italy for 2 weeks. Is it worth it?

Answered by testike
here is what you need to do if you want a cell phone to work in those countries without having to pay international fees:

go on ebay or something and get an unlock code. this way you can put any sim card into your phone from any carrier in the world.

when you get to france, germany, etc, you will need to find a call phone store and tell them that you are visiting and you want a prepaid sim card. they can help you. you may have to do this for each country you are visiting, depending on the carriers and the charges that you may incurr for long distance. so ask them about that too.

other than that, it really isnt too difficult. then when you get back to the US, just put your normal SIm card into the phone and your back on the cingular network!

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