Motorola RAZR or Motorola V557?

Question asked by tipsu21
Well this week i was planning on ordering online a razr or a motorola v557. its on this website but i 4got what its called. the razr is on sale for $118. and the v557 is on sale for $94.75

The v557 is cheaper but i think the razr is better. even though they both pretty much r the same except the razr has better camera quality and is thinner. WHICH ONE SHOULD I BUY???

Answered by testike
Personally I would purchase the RAZR. It has great capabilities other phones do not have. The sad thing is it does not have a place for memory cards but thats not really a big deal. The camera takes great pictures too and most carriers allow you to order games thru the RAZR. But if I may make a suggestion outside of the given choices it would be a KRZR-like a RAZR but memory card slot and mp3 player built in.

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