testike posted 120 months ago

I first bought this phone off of ebay probably about may 2006. What I really liked about the phone was the color display, ringtones weren't too bad, and the round circle that lights up all different colors when the phone rings (I know not important but it's pretty anyway)
You can hear pretty well on the phone most of the time. Speaker phone is great. It's over all a pretty neat phone that's sturdy and attractive.


This phone was extremely slow when entering numbers or text. Overall it was just slow anything. I wasn't impressed with the menus either ( and the reason why I decided to not purchase another motorola is because even the razors have the same menu) Since my phone was not branded or carried by cingular (even tho they carry the V600 and it's basically the same darn phone) I was not able to download ringtones from them. I was once able to download from yahoo mobile but I guess they changed their policy or something. I'm not sure. camera kinda sucks too. I liked this phone better than my nokia that I had previously but I find myself once again ready to move on.