testike posted 120 months ago

I got this phone 4 months ago. I do not recommend this phone to any serious user. It's great if its primary job is to show off, but if you intend to make lots of phone calls, you may want to look for something else. If you see a phone as a tool, not a toy, give this to your teenage son/daughter, and get something else.

-Neat ring-tones.
-Neat camera.
-Neat backgrounds.
-Neat voice recognition.
-Neat looking phone.
-Neat external screen for caller id.
-Nice sound quality.

-No dedicated alarm clock.
-Too many buttons (28 to be exact)
-Chunky and thick.
-Large antenna sticking out.
-Flip-top is flimsy.
-Often side volume button adjusts ringer to silent setting inadvertently. (causes missed calls)
-Poor battery life (Full charge can talk for 2 hours max and a couple days standby max)
-Wastes precious little battery on silly shutdown and startup animations.
-Camera flash is not a "real" flash.
-Camera is poor quality (OK, this is my first camera phone, so maybe they're all like this, but in 4 months I never used the camera for anything useful)
-Navigation is difficult
-Navigation doesn't have numbered menus for quick access.
-Battery takes hours to charge.
-If you start typing a number, and take too long, it clears the screen.

-The worst: Charger connector is horrible, it uses a two-prong spring loaded connector which connects to the bottom of the phone by two catches. There are SEVERAL problems with this:
1. Sometimes you find your phone not charged.
2. It may randomly disconnect.
3. It doesn't make a good connection, so the phone bleeps all the time as it disconnects and reconnects.
4. If you talk on it while its plugged in (low battery) you have to hang onto the cord with your finger so as to not move the connection prongs.
5. If you do move the cord, the phone quickly goes to its shutdown animation and disconnects your call.
6. You have to wait through another startup animation before you can call back to apologize.