testike posted 120 months ago

ive had this phone now for 2 days. i have service with alltel. the phone itself is cool and looks good. however it has software issues like crazy. lets start with the reception. even in direct view of a tower, the phone still refuses to display full bars, instead it gets 1-2 bars. when compared to my lg vx3200 side by side, the lg gets full signal. again, side by side with the lg i attempted several calls. the motorola w315 would turn itself off and never complete the call. i thought with an extendable antenna i would get somewhat better reception in fringe areas where i live but it seems that isnt true after all.

maybe i just got a bad phone and i hope they all aint like this. but im not gonna worry with motorola phones anymore, so im taking it back today and getting the lg ax355.

bottom line, i would not suggest anyone get the w315 for any reason whatsoever. but if you must, be aware there are glitches, so give them time to fix the bugs.