I have a Motorola W490 Phone. My ?? IS how do i convert video files on phone to play on computer?

Question asked by tipsu21
The video format i am not familiar with on cell phones and have some video's of my daugthers communion on there that i would like to covert to Mpeg or video file i can burn to DVD to give to family or show . Thanks

Answered by testike
i have the same phone. all the ideas listed above mine most likely will work, since they are softwares that can convert from 3gp. under windows xp i use motorola phone tools with my phone, mostly to put stuff on it, but i do know it can convert videos from 3gp to mpeg. under linux i use winff, which i believe can be found for windows also. it is free software, and it does a good job converting all video formats. i use it to put tv shows on my phone to watch between classes.

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