I have a teen mobile Motorola W490 phone and I just a usb port and it won't connect to itunes!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!

Question asked by tipsu21
I bought the USB port today and I know it works because it shows on my computer but my phone says Some files and applications not acessible! I don't know what to do! I just want it to connect to Itunes so i can put music on it!

Answered by testike
You cannot connect a device that is not an iPod or iPhone to iTunes and directly load music to your device via iTunes. You can, however, copy your entire iTunes Library and put it in the music folder of your phone when you connected to your computer. Go into My Computer (if you have Windows) and select "Removable Drive", which should be your phone, and select the Music folder and paste/drag-and-drop your music into it. You could also use Windows Media Player and iport your music library to that.

Good Luck!

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