Does Arabic SMS appear on Motorola W510 phone bought from the USA?

Question asked by tipsu21
I wanna ask if Motorola's phone firmware is able to support showing of other languages such as the Arabic language even if i bought it from the USA market ?
I wanna buy the W510 model from the USA and i don't care about having Arabic letters on the keypad coz i am not willing to type in other languages other than English but it's important 4 me 2 see Arabic text shown correctly. Will i have that ?

Answered by testike
Well ,I'm answering you while I'm not a professional but because you didn't get another answer.
Generally the Motorola W510 is available in so many languages : English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic& Simple Chinese.
But. the thing is I'm not sure if all these language are available in one cell & then you can switsh between them or they are available in different models.
I would say ask the technical support at the store that you are willing to buy the cell phone from about this issue.

For me ,when I got my Moto V3i from the USA it wasn't Arabic supported so I can't recieve any Arabic message.
Hope it helps .

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