testike posted 119 months ago

This review does not cover multimedia functions, camera functions, or texting. I have no interest in them. Since I live in the mountain region of northeast Tennessee(Johnson City), the ability to make calls is what is important to me. I purchased this phone(unlocked) directly from the MOTO store as a replacement for my Nokia 6010. I have had the phone for 3 weeks. To date I have been very happy with the phone.


Great signal on AT&T(I can even get signal in my office at work which I could not get on my old phone)
Voice quality is good
Good battery life (5-7 days)
Alarm settings (I can create multiple alarm settings and pick the one I need)
Solid feeling flip phone


Styles(called profiles on nokia) could be better. The W510 has 6 styles Loud, vibe, silent and three others. On my old nokia, when I changed profiles, I could also set an expiration time. I could change to the silent profile for example, and select a time for the phone to go back to the normal profile. This feature is not available on the W510, but it should be. To date, only compliant so far.

Overall, very good phone.