Cannot remember my nokia 1600 security code?

Question asked by tipsu21
I cannot recall my security key to my nokia phone and as a result i cannot access the phone at all. Can anyone help me on how to bypass the security lock screen.

Answered by testike

this happened to my nokia and it messed up my sin card or sim card whatever they're called. they cost $40 to replace.

so stop pushing buttons and trying new codes, just take it to the store, they'll fix it. it'll cost prob $20 for them to do it but it beats loosing all your info and having to buy a new card!

nokia phones suck....I sold mine.
Answered by zack_18
You can try 12345,1234,0000 are some default codes for nokia.If these codes do not work for you,you can get master reset code from for your Nokia 1600 phone.

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