nokia 2600 sim card locked?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have a nokia 2600 tracfone for my bussiness, I am locked out for 3-5 days until my new sim card comes in the mail, I went and bought a new phone and was gonna have my number and minutes transferred to the new phone but that won't work without a new sim card, now I am outta work till the new card arrives, when I turn on the phone, the screen displays "sim card rejected" this happened because I was trying to change my access codes in the phone, does anybody know how to free up that sim card, I REALLY NEED to be working the next 5 days!! Thanx!!!

Answered by testike
your phone is not what is locked it is your sim like you said. you did the right thing by asking for a new sim card cuz there is nothing you can do with getting your unlocked unless you have a sim card reader and by the time you bought a sim card reader you will have had your card sent to you. have you asked the people at tracphone to remotly forward your calls for you yet cuz that should atleast have you running while you wait

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