reserve battery - nokia 2600?

Question asked by tipsu21
I am using a nokia 2600 mobile. I have been told that nokia sets are coming with a reserve battery and the reserve power can be used whenever the battery charge going very low by typing *3370# and we will get an additional 50% charge. But it cannot works in my mobile. Now I am really doubtful about this. Is this a correct information ? is there any other alternative code for nokia 2600 ? eagerly waiting for your valuable replies.

Thanking you
Anoop Mohan

Answered by testike
There's no such thing as reserve battery in the Nokia Phones. Those are urban legends. No code will give you longer battery life! However, entering such codes into your phone can really mess it up. I advise you not to enter codes you see online onto your phone, unless you know what the codes are for. So be careful.

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