how do i fix my cellphone (nokia 3120)....almost 30 sec will automatically shut-off.?

Question asked by tipsu21
I'm not a technician but willing to know about this scenario. i need your and repair my defective cellphone.

My observation as follow;
1) 30 sec will automattically shut-off (as in dead set condition).
2) battery charges is OK.
3) when i set to factory setting, the switch mode "OK" will not activate (green) after i enter the security code.
4) sometimes it will turn to black-out appearnce.
5) all buttom keys are functionally OK.
6) menu mode is OK.

what are the possible component that i'm going to check and replace? what are the pinpoint keys that i can manage my troubleshooting analysis?

thanks my friends

Answered by testike
make sure your phone has not come in contact with any water or liquids. if it has not try to locate a spare nokia battery. you can buy them from shops like 3d accesories and all phone shops if it says that your battery is chaged the battery life might be dead

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