How do I erase data from my phone memory for Nokia 3230?

Question asked by tipsu21
My phone keeps giving me a message saying that the memory is low and that I need to delete some data in phone memory. I have searched my phone for any data such as files or download that are in my phone memory but I could not locate any, thereforefore I am unable to delete data. My phone memory has 5 megabytes used, which I find hard to believe because everything I save gets directed to the memory card.

I tried to search but no successful results, However, I would like to mention something important:

I always download pictures from the PC to my phone, I recieve them as a message(in my phone memory) then I save the image to the memory card, after that I erase the message from my phone memory. That's how I do it. Anyways I decided to increase the memory in my phone memory so I could download video clips. what I did was that I went to the memory card screen and activated the restore button---ever since, my phone keeps telling me phone memory is very low.

what shall I do??

Answered by testike
Try the file manager in your phone. there you can see all the files stored in your phone as well as your memory card. A lot of times installation files stick on behind even when the actual program has been installed in the memory card.
If nothing works try to format your phone. It will erase all your phone memory but at least you will be able to take pics!

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