Which is best Nokia 3500C or Nokia 6300 or Sony Ericsson K750i?

Question asked by tipsu21
Hi Friends,

Please give me the Help. I wish to buy a new Cell Phone with in a Price of 5000 INR to 8500 INR or 180 USD to 250 USD. My requirements is I want Good Camera, FM Radio and Good Looking. Which one is the Best among Nokia 3500C or 6300 or Sony Ericsson 750i. Or any other Choice. give me the reply.

Answered by testike
for the features, k750i fulfill all ur requirements better than the other two.. radio with rds,camera 2.0 mp with autofocus and light flash..however, it's not as gud looking as 6300 or 3500.. so, if u wudnt mind the absence of flash light and autofocus, just take the 6300..it feels really good in my hand.

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