testike posted 121 months ago

had this for about a week now, so far I'm really happy, bought the north american (850/1800/1900) version off the internet for about $250, the lowest price out right now (Jan 05). I needed a phone thats a lot more durable, as I have broke every phone I've owned. You can buy the covers for fairly cheap and just replace them when you break them. The phone is less waterproof than I was hoping but still much better than a normal phone. The display is kida lame, its like a lot of the other nokias, I also have a 3120 and its the same screen. Its not that bad just behind its time. The digital compass works great as does the radio. The thermometer is accurate if its been sitting around for a while, if its been in your pocket then it reads your body temp (obviously). I loved how small my 3120 was and this 5140 is just slightly bigger which i don't like, but its still small enough. The flashlight is nice, its comparable to LED keychain flashlights. The battery is very small which means less talk time. Thats bad in a phone thats made for the outdoors - where there's no chargers! But it still has pretty good talk time. The GPS shell is a sweet idea but too expensive for me. Phone has the standard nokia menu options and layout which i love because I dont have to relearn the phone. If you ever owned a nokia you will already know how to use this. The camera works good, the VGA is what it is. This does take video, but with only 4MB shared memory in the phone you cant take a lot. The express-on cover for this phone does not cover the camera lens, I think thats dumb, if you scratch the lens you're screwed. It gets great reception for an internal antenna, as do most nokias. Speakerphone is nice and loud, doesnt work in the car though, person on the other end hears too much noise. Will never use the push-to-talk. Email me if you have and questions

Pros: Durable!, lightweight, looks good, lots of extras

Cons: Expensive!, small memory, no mp3 player, dated screen