I have a Nokia 5200 locked to Orange UK IMEI number 354565019614464. Can anyone supply an unlock code? Cost?

Question asked by tipsu21
Have been ripped off by a couple of so called unlock sites. Suggest you don't approach www.unlockteam.co.uk or www.vertisco.com which are both a waste of space and fully supported by Paypal!! All you get is less info than is obtainable by typing key words into a search engine.

Answered by testike
Try contacting your service provider & asking them for the code. If you are still with orange, just tell them that you have to go to the US & you need an unlock code to use the sim that you have for T-mobile US. They may tell you some crap, but just remind them that you paid for the phone & you would like to do with it as you please.
If you are no longer with orange, call your current provider & tell them that you bought this phone off a friend {or eBay} & that you need an unlock code to use it.
Either way, you should have no problem getting it.
another option is if you have a USB data cable, download a cell hacking program, & hack into the phone to remove the lock. I have done this many times with moto, but never nokia.
Answered by helenrai
Hi you can easily get the unlock code for nokia 5200 through online. I would suggest this site Unlocking4u.com here you can get the unlock code and unlock your nokia 5200. To get the code you need to specify the following details which country is locked now,network provider and imei number. Then they send unlock code through email. The unlocking service cost is may be vary its depending upon the network provider

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