testike posted 119 months ago

I've had this phone for over two years and it still works just like it did on the day I got it. The cameras still in perfect shape no color problems with it at all. Unless I use the flash which gives them a greenish hue. All phone flashes SUCK any way no matter what. Seriously a led as a flash thats just plain crap! Whats the supposed to light up the inside of a one serving cereal box? The front screens brighter than that any day! I have some big hands and I for me the key pad is just the right size. Not sure what the others are complaining about what are they giants? My battery normally lasts 1-2 weeks without needing to re charge. I don't talk much but I use things like the mobile web a lot. It also always gets a good signal and has great clarity. Just not at my house, not a soul alive gets much of a signal in my neighborhood anyway. I don't find the menus hard to navigate at all and are actually pretty easy. I fail to under stand why all the others are complaining about the menus. The only true complaint I have is the camera likes to take pics of my pocket because of the self portrait feature. Other than that it's a great phone. Call me stupid but I have no idea why some of the others seem to hate it so much.