Nokia N70 Black, 3250 (Xpress Music), 5500 (Sport Music Edition), Sony Ericsson W830i or K790i?

Question asked by tipsu21
I prefer to listen to the music while I'm traveling. I also want a clear photos from my phone. Again I'm not so sure about the Nokia and SE things. Some of my friends told me that 3250 is not so good. Some told that SE is slow and not as tough as Nokia.

The deal in Thailand (where I live)
N70 Black, 3250 and W830i has 1 GB MMC card slot come with it.
5500 and K790i has only 512 MB
W830i also comes with speakers for traveling in case you wanna share the music with friends
W830i use Memory Stick Pro Duo which means i can switch the memory stick to use it with my camera if i want.

Now I'm really confused.

I also have no idea about what the eAAC and AAC are.
So help me, Please!!!

Answered by testike
go for the w830i. its more versatile.

as for the eaac & aac, its the compression method for digital audio. AAC is advanced audio coding.

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