How do you get the back off of a Nokia 6010? razr phone when in the washing machine...will it surviv

Question asked by tipsu21
Err...yea,i NEED to know how to get the back off of it because I cant get my SIM card xD
Alsoo,my razr phone v3 when through a full wash...will it work?

Answered by testike
In answer to your 6010: To remove the back you have to press the button at the bottom of the back cover while sliding up with your other hand. This can be tricky on some covers. Sometimes it takes lifting the bottom of the back cover up (just enough to not break it but enough to get it off of the lock) before you can slide it up.

In answer to the V3: It depends on how much detergent was in the wash with the phone. We have been able to save liquid damage phones repeatedly but the way motorola designed the phone makes it difficult to clean all the corrosion and liquid residue out from the inside of the phone. If the detergent got into the phone, the phosphates in the detergent could eat away at components on the board and make the phone completely unusable.

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