Nokia 6061, I need Suncom Restriction code. Does anyone know it?

Question asked by tipsu21
Nokia said my phone was locked to Suncom. Suncom said they wouldn't unlock it unless I had their service. The phone asks for a restriction code. I want to use it on my Cingular service.

Answered by testike
Hey DJ

Thanks for choosing my answer as the best to your last phone question, but.... you did not say how many times you tried the wrong codes. As I mentioned before, I need to know how many times you tried putting in the wrong codes. I am going to give you a website that is run by professional unlockers. They will give you the correct code. Remember, with Nokia's, if you imput the wrong code 3 to 5 times, the phone is hardlocked. At that point even if you have the correct code, it will not work
Go to
Click the forum to the left
create a username and password
create a post asking for the code
list the model, phones IMEI#, who its locked too, software version, and most important - LIST THE CODES YOU TRIED
A professional unlocker will post the code for you, when you wake up tomorrow morning, check your post and the CORRECT code will be there. Remember, it most likely will not be posted till tomorrow

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