Installing Nokia 6061 faceplate???

Question asked by tipsu21
I need detailed instructions on installation. I have the faceplates, the Torx6, and (of course) the phone. But I'm like a chimp with a calculator and I don't want to mess my phone up. Anybody have anything helpful? Thanks.

Answered by testike
You know changing faceplates voids the warranty on these phones?

When you open the flip, below the screen is a plate (little bar looking) below the screen. This covers those t6 screws you are looking for. You must remove the panel. Good luck this is the part I have the most trouble with. I generally just poke at it with something pointed until I get under the edge and can peel it up.

NEXT remove the screws (don't lose them)
Then work your way around the edge of the seam of the faceplate on the phone to pop loose the catches, look at the new face plate to see the catches I'm talking about. You just have to get something in the crack between the faceplate and the phone and move it along the edge all the way around. Sometimes fingernails work, they sell special tools for this but I have seen people use the edge of credit cards if their fingernails didnt work.

Once the catches are released set the old faceplate aside and snap the new one on.
Replace the screws and the screw panel and you are done.

good Luck

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