testike posted 121 months ago

When we first got the 6085 at my store I truely thought I got the most boring current phone imaginable. Take a really good look at it. To call it an abomination would be a compliment it is so damn bland. Little did I know that underneath the plain yogurt was tons of flavor. First off like most nokias the music and videos sounds can be played over a normal bluetooth. If only some other manufacturers would do that. With that in mind you can get a program for free to convert your video files to play on a regular cellphone or 3gp format. So now I can watch episodes of the office while at work and listen to it on my standard bt headset.

Battery life easy 5 to 7 days with liberal use of media!!

Music and Video audio through standard bluetooth!!

Nicely spaced buttons!!

It is very very very very bland looking. It is visaually striking as dirt.

The screen is very blurry and muddled.

The reception is below par.

While overall it is a good phone and is a good fit for some it is just too bland for the flashy market its in. Its a good job that it is cheap.