what website where i can get free themes, ringtones and wallpaper for my nokia 6101 phone?? plz help?

Question asked by tipsu21
but its needs to be downloaded directly to my phone because i dont have any connection to connect my phone to my pc and i cannot browse the web using my phone because its only pre-paid....thanks

Answered by zack_18
You can get free themes,wallpapers ringtones etc., from [url=http://www.zedge.net/]Zedge.net[/url]
Answered by testike
Just free stuff :)

http://www.mobilepark.eu (wallpapers, themes, videos)
www.zedge.net (wallpapers, themes, videos, ringtones)
www.mobile9.com(wallpapers, themes, videos)
www.freemobilefun.net (wallpapers)
www.mytinyphone.com(wallpapers... ringtones)

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