I cant pair/connect Nokia 6110 Nav with computer using Bluetooth?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have tried using different software with one driver at a time but still no progress.. Of course visibility is on and firewalls off
Both phone and PC recognise each other bluetooth adresses (the xx:xx:xx:xx:xx one) but it seems they cant get info (names, services, etc)
when trying pairing from phone to pc it gets an error (doesnt prompt for passkey) and from pc to phone, i cant add it with passkey (it says doesnt accept incoming connections or it is used (although both support multi connections))... Without it adds it but still doesnt pair it and after a while it loses it. . I tried both in xp and vista but still the same thing (drivers should be correct in both cases). Thx in advance
Unfortunately the drivers were with bluesoleil soft (which was already tried alone)... And it cant connect either... (it gets connection failed or similar). I havent tried to connect to a 3rd BT device to see which one actually works, cause both are pretty much new (propably i am afraid it might be the pc adaptor but the versions and specs seemed compatible). Any recommendations will do (going to the vendor is the last option)

Answered by testike
when this error occured for i tried this,it worked 4 me............ uninstall the softwares and drivers u installed for BT and again install the software that u got with ur BT device...........
no need to install any other softwares ..............if its not working search the nearby devices with ur phone ur mob it will show ur pc(if the bluetooth is working in ur pc)then try sending one by one,as u do when u r transfering frm mob to mob.......u hav told that it gets an error when u try to pair the devices u can send data without pairing rite........if all these are not working go back to ur dealer and??????????????

the following site has a driver for bluetooth(only for bluesoleil products)


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