nokia 6111?

Question asked by tipsu21
i have got a nokia 6111 and i have few questions:
1. How many metres is the bluetooth range?
2. What does infrared conectivity mean? is it the same as bluetooth?
3. Is it possible to have both bluetooth and infrared in a phone?
4. How do i transfer photos from my phone to my computer?

Answered by testike
1. All phone bluetooth range are the same.. which is 10m if im not wrong

2. Infrared isnt that good actually and its not the same as bluetooth.. Basically, u need to make sure your phone is very close with the other phoen u wanna send files with. theres a bluetooh port there

3. Yeah, it is.. my phone has both (sony ericsson k810i).. and it wont affect the speed though

4. U can used usb cable which is farrr more better that if u wanna send files using bluetooth

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