Can I use my Nokia 6111 sim in a Nokia N70 or N93? I want to get TomTom mobile!?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have a contract phone with Virgin which is the Nokia 6111. I had ordered a TomTom rider with European maps but the cost is £400. I would like to get a different phone with TomTom mobile on it if possible because it looks like it would be a much cheaper option.

Can my sim be used in one of those phones? Can I load european maps onto the TomTom mobile? Do they (phones) come with a bluetooth headset that goes inside a helmet?

If anyone has done this or something similar that works I would really appreciate your advice!

Answered by testike
SIMs are standard so will work in any phone EXCEPT that many phones are locked to a specific network provider. Therefore you would either need to get a Virgin branded phone, or one which is "unlocked" - not tied to any particular network.

Most phones do not come with a bluetooth headset included, but you can get a bluetooth headset and "pair" it with any phone which has bluetooth capability.

I'm afraid I cannot answer the questions about the TomTom additions.

Hope that helps

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