I need help with the NOKIA 6233... Anyone know how to use the press to talk feature?

Question asked by tipsu21
I'm planning to get a new mobile phone. I think the N6233 sounds good enough. (If you have encountered or are familiar with any problems or no-no's regarding the product, please warn me). My needs are: A good camera resolution, (just good enough for ordinary pictures that i can download easily to my PC), big memory for storage, MP3 player, and the push-to-talk feature (which i need help with ... i assume i have to know first if it really works) ... please help, how does it work? do i have to subscribe? wont it work if i'm a prepaid user? And for needed info, i'm in asia... the philippines to be exact. thanks in advance for any help.

Answered by testike
PTT is similar to the ones used in age old days(walkie-talkie)...I mean when you press a button,your transmitter gets activated and a person nearby you can talk to you by pushing a button in his mobile,provided it supports PTT..Unlike walkie-talkie,its a two way communication...In walkies only after a person finishes talking can the next person speak..But that's not the case with PTT cuz the sending and receiving signals are transmitted through different frequency waves...I think there are some works to do before using this feature..So contact your service provider

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