Can someone tell me if it's possible to use a Nokia 6236i on T-Mobile instead of Verizon?

Question asked by tipsu21
If so is there something that I need to do before I consider buying this phone? And i know that is may be easier to switch phone companies, but i like my service and coverage and I hate flip phones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answered by testike
No it is not possible to use a phone that is made for Verizon service, with t-mobile. The reason is that Verizon phones are CDMA phones and T-Mobile Phones are GSM in other words one works on a CDMA network and the other on GSM networks. But you can use any Unlocked GSM phone with T-mobile the only thing is sometimes the Internet will not work and other features like picture messaging. A good website to go to for phones is A phone similar to the nokia 6236 is the the Nokia 6230i.

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