Nokia 6260 Pc Suite?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have a Nokia 6260 mobile phone. On my PC I have nokia PC Suite software that allows me to transfer my phone pictures to my PC. What do I have to do to do the opposite? I mean, how can I transfer a picture from my PC to my phone?With the software that I already have installed in my PC I can not do this. Do I need Nokia PC Suite on my phone too? If yes, how do i do that? Please help!

Answered by testike
Since you can already transfer pictures from the phone to the PC, it means that the required PC Suite support is already installed on your phone. (Windows installs the necessary drivers on your PC the 1st time you connect it to the PC)

Once, your mobile is connected to the PC, go to My Computer -> Nokia Phone Browser -> Nokia 6260
Then select 'Phone Memory' or 'Memory Card' depending on where you want to store the pictures on your mobile.

Then go to the 'Images' folder and simply copy paste the pictures that you want into this folder from anywhere on the computer.

The pictures will then be copied to your mobile and will be stored in the 'Gallery'

If you need any more help, feel free to contact me.

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