Can I backup my Nokia 6300 contacts using Nokia PC Suite and restore to N70?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have Nokia 6300 and am planning to buy an N70, I wanted to know whether i will be able to restore the backup of my contacts on N70 or not, because 6300 is a Nokia OS mobile while N70 is a symbian. will it be a problem? When i switched from Nokia 5200 to 6300, i could easily restore my contacts, messages and calendar entries. Is it going to be that easier now too??

Answered by testike
yea shouldnt be a prob but theres an easier way i dont know about the 6300 but look through menu and check for an app called switch it will do the same thing just copy it all via bluetooth at once to the new handset its an easier way and all n series phones have this app

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