I have cingular and the tell me my TDMA towers will be shut down on my nokia 6340i GAIT phone? what should ido

Question asked by tipsu21
I have a nokia 6340i GAIT phone with cingular that is GSM/TDMA which is really better? They tell me that Gait service will end probally arond Feb. 2008. Is this true? I love my old 2002 nokia. Another weird thing is that the screen says AT&T and sometimes says cingular now what can I do to just make it say cingular. AT&T should have not joined forces with cingular.

Answered by testike
unfortunately, you are stuck joining GSM. people like GAIT when they live in areas that are really scarcely populated or if you go hunting etc. when i worked there we were told a different end date for TDMA (which I do not remember) so maybe take it with a grain of salt and have a back up plan. they've been trying to get rid of TDMA forever, so if something goes wrong with your Nokia that nobody can fix, you're outta luck because Cingular will not be able to program your phone into the network. Sorry, no good news. I had to break this to a lot of customers :o(
I suspect it says Cingular and AT&T depending is because you're roaming on old TDMA service at times. I have had good luck with GSM.

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