i have a nokia 6680 but my service provider says it has a hardware problem. what does that mean?

Question asked by tipsu21
i cannot send and receive messages but can make and receive calls. when i ut my sim card in another phone, i can send and receive messages then.
all the settings are alright. i checked them when i started to get the problem.

Answered by testike
its the sms and mms settings in ur set they need to be done by the shop or the outlet you bought your sim from....its nothing to worry about just take it to the shop and ask them theyl set it and it will work as normal...good look...

if it was working before then that could mean that the settings have got disturbed or someone changed them by mistake...just take it and let the professionals take care of it....it all only take a few mins...then ul be smsing everyone happy new yr...good luck hope it works...

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