Cingular Reps! How can I get my Nokia 6682 unlocked?

Question asked by tipsu21
Please, I'm begging you. I don't have signal at my home. So I'm going to need to buy out of my contract. The least they could do is unlock my phone so I can use it elsewhere. Haven't I been screwed badly enough as is? Could you let me know exactly what I need to say? Note, I already said I was going to need to use the phone in Europe...they countered with the fact that I CAN use my phone (At 1.29 / minute or something ridiculous like that). Thanks in advance for any info you could provide. --C

Answered by testike
I hope I'm wrong, but I think 6682 belongs to the 6680 series, which can't be unlocked via codes nor any other way, just with a code from your provider.

I say "I hope I'm wrong" because these new series only allow three tries, not five like before. So, if you have tried already three times, even buying the correct code from your provider won't help.

The option that you have is buying the code, say to them that it is not working, and call to your customer service.

As I said, I don't have this much experience with this series But, at least for Nokia site, they are the same series, and probably the same unlocking method was used. If it so, basically you don't have much choice another than buying the code and then call customer service for help.

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