Should I buy the Nokia 6800 AT&T Cell Phone with a Fold-Out Keyboard?

Question asked by tipsu21
I really want a phone with a full keyboard. I am planing on buying the phone on ebay, and it is pretty cheap. Do any of you have this phone or a website that will give helpful info? I think it is a kind of ugly phone, but I don't really care. It would be worth it if it is a good one.

Answered by testike
Yes you should heres the good and bad things about it

The good: Foldout QWERTY keyboard; works on GPRS networks; solid assortment of programs; screen rotates when opened; impressive audio quality.

The bad: Sluggish data speeds; e-mail delivery unreliable; stiff hinge.

The bottom line: The Nokia 6800 is a good fit for compulsive text writers, e-mailers, and wireless Web surfers

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